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Cerca de 2500 anos atrás,depois do Cativeiro Babilônico, mas, sob o domínio do Império Medo-Persa,quando todas as profecias de Daniel estavam cumprindo-se e o poderio de Xerxes, o Grande, estendia-se por mais de 127 províncias. Historicamente antes de uma investida com o desejo de ampliar ainda mais seu Reino, com um ataque maciço ao Sul do futuro Império Grego. Achashverosh (Assuero aportuguesado), nome Bíblico do Imperador Xerxes, reúne na capital do Império Susã, todos seus governadores e exércitos para tal investida. Numa festa cheia de excessos que culmina com a destituição de sua rainha Vasti, depois que recusou a se apresentar-se diante dos convidados certamente embriagados do Rei, Xerxes levanta-se com toda a fúria em sua investida militar.

About six years later, a space not understood between the biblical verses, faced with the most vexing defeat to which he was subjected, Ahasuerus ordered what we would perhaps call a Beauty Contest, so that he would choose the future Queen of the entire Empire. The saga of Esther begins there, a name that means Star, and that indicated a powerful glow of a young woman who was born under a purpose of God. As a Jew, she received the name Hadassah which is the name of a plant that has a delicious perfume, but has a taste as bitter as gall. So was Hadassa Esther. Sweet to his God and his people, and bitter as gall to his enemies and to the enemies of God.

Raised by a cousin, much older, named Mordechai, Esther, learns to hide her identity so that she wouldn't be persecuted like her ancestors. When she learned of the Contest that would award the one chosen by the King with the crown, Esther is guided and directed by Mordechai, to apply without reporting her identity as a servant of the Most High God.

Even though no one noticed, God was there writing the story of Love with his people, and preparing with the establishment of Esther, something wonderful that was yet to come.

In these days there appears a man named Hamam, an Amalekite (people who hated God's people since the days of the desert), who reaches the top position in the Medo-Persian empire, second only to the Emperor.

Hamam, it is not accepted that Mordechai, because of his Jew and fearing God, did not prostrate himself before him, and seduces the Emperor, to confirm a decree of persecution and death until the final extinction of the Jewish people, since this people only prostrated themselves before His God.

Mordechai, understanding that Esther was placed by God in that position, just for this hour, motivates the one he had raised as a daughter, to enter the presence of the King and cry out for all the people. Esther knew that if the king did not accept such intrusion she would pay with death and therefore calls upon all people to fast with her for a heavenly answer.

After the fast, he was filled with boldness and went to the presence of the King, who received her, and discovered the terrible trap that Hamam had wrought against the people of God and even against the Queen herself. Unable to revoke, the decree, Ahasuerus, allows all the people of God to defend themselves against any and all threats, and the whole situation of death was converted into joy and celebration.
Purim means luck, because it was through a game of stones called Pur that Hamam thought would have sealed the fate of God's people. But the Most High God is the One who changes the lot of his people!

One of the funniest moments in this story takes place when Hamam, who intended to hang his enemy Mordechai on a huge gallows, is hanged from it, after having paraded around the city proclaiming in a loud and clear tone:

How and why do we celebrate this party?
It's not like you're going to be able to do it.
In the biblical book of Esther, which tells the whole story, all the characters are hidden...

God the Almighty does not have His Name written even once in the entire Narrative, but His matchless Power is manifest in every second of history.

Esther, a Jew, who hides behind the crown.
Ahasuerus is the king, but he governs nothing.

Hamam, malicious and perverse, dominates the king, and forces him to take positions that he doesn't even know what implications they would generate.

Moderchai, wise, led by the Holy Spirit of God, carefully dressed in sackcloth and covered in ashes at the door of the Palace, is who really directs through the Power of God everything that happens in this exciting story of God with his people.

Everyone is dressed up! And that is why, in everyone, since those days, this beautiful and joyful festival has been celebrated, in which we remember that Our God, even though it seems distant, is always very close in the day of anguish.
The same Eternal God of those days Is today, and Will be forever.

He is the only God who changes the lot of his people. We invite you then: Take a costume, and let's together remember the story of Queen Esther, dance, sing, and praise the God of Our Life, God of Our Salvation!

This is the time for the Church of Christ in Brazil to cry out for its people before the Throne of Grace. Who knows if it wasn't for this Time that God raised it up...

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The Apostle Paul of Tarsus wrote a book with incredible revelations about how God used Mordecai and Esther together to change the lot of his people, figures from the 5 ministries and the Church of Christ in our day...

You can purchase the book: "ESTER, it's time to shine", in our church or directly on the Publisher's website, by clicking on the image on the side.

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